Fighting Fear

I just got over a flare-up, which is always draining, not only physically but emotionally. Only the necessities of life could be accomplished. I went to work and then came home, that was it. For me, as an action-oriented person, who loves going, going, going, that was miserable. Everything else in my life had to cease for a little while. I am slowly trying to work back into adding more to my daily routine again. Every time, it almost seems like starting from scratch. But every time, it gets a little easier. The only part that is not easy is the fear that is associated with doing too much, pushing myself a little too far and back into illness. But as other with chronic disorders know, you cannot let fear dictate your life. At a certain point, you just have to trust yourself and your own judgement. Trust the instincts that have gotten you this far. It is time to get back in the game. So to all my fellow VLCADers, and those suffering from other chronic disorders, be cautious, but be courageous! You’ve got this. #vlcadprobs


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