Monthly Archives: June 2014


With everyone else falling into the blogging trend, I thought it would be useful to start a blog about living with a chronic disorder. As anyone who lives with a chronic disorder knows, life is always a little more complicated. The idea came about one day when I was ranting to my boyfriend “I am out of yogurt to put my medicine in. Apple sauce it is…ugh it just doesn’t stir in right.” My boyfriend responds “#VLCADprobs.” We both started laughing hysterically and ever since then it has been a thing we do. It is a small joke that helps make living with a chronic disorder a little less scary and a little more bearable.

Recently, I have become part of many support groups on Facebook and the likes, which has really helped me realize I am not alone. I hope this blog will be just another resource to help us all stay connected and support each other. Whether it is VLCAD, another fatty acid oxidation disorder or any other chronic disorder, as I always tell myself, it is important to remember, it is a challenge and it will never go away BUT it can be managed. #VLCADprobs in no way is suppose to make fun of, or downplay the seriousness of chronic conditions, but as I have found laughter is the greatest medicine.#vlcadprobs